To tell us about a family in need, please fill out the form below.  While we want to help everyone we can, not all submissions will be selected. There are many factors to selecting a family, and the decision of the production company is final. Every submission is read and filed for consideration.  We may not necessarily respond to your submission, but please know we have received it.  You will be notified if you/the family you suggested is selected to be featured on Charity Boss Long Island. In some cases, a family may not be selected, but will receive assistance, if possible. Charity Boss Long Island and it’s production company Indigo Business Solutions are not responsible for invalid, incorrect, or incomplete information submitted on this form. Please only submit your request once. Duplicate submissions will be deleted. Please note that our production calendar is full until the Spring. We will not be filming again until then. For general questions about Charity Boss Long Island, please use the general contact form. Thank you.